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კიდევ ერთი "სისტემჩიკის" ძალიან გამოსადეგი ხელსაწყო:
Tiny XP Rev06

Build Date: 17.02.2007
Release Date : Spring 2007

შეიცავს ასევე Hiren's Boot CD 8.8-საც

To install TinyXP from this CD, set your PC in the BIOS to boot from your CD-ROM drive. Only install this operating system onto a freshly formatted partition or hard disk. There is no upgrade option available, because the option is removed. You do not need any product key in this release - the installation of TinyXP is unattended, apart from in the very beginning where you choose which drive or partition to install to. All installations are set to US English.
When you boot from this CD you have seven options:
1 - TinyXP With IE/OE/MSN/WMP (With Drivers)
2 - TinyXP With IE/OE/MSN/WMP (Without Drivers)
3 - TinyXP Without IE/OE/MSN/WMP (With Drivers)
4 - TinyXP Without IE/OE/MSN/WMP (Without Drivers)
5 - Boot Into Acronis Backup + Restore
6 - Boot Into Hirens Boot CD
7 - Boot Into Damn Small Linux

Abbreviations from above:
IE -----> Internet Explorer 7 Web Browser
OE -----> Outlook Express Email Client
MSN ----> Windows Live Messenger 8
WMP ----> Windows Media Player 11

All four installations of TinyXP include the following items, these are all automatically installed along with Windows: Service Pack 2 119 Hotfixes Up To 16.02.2007 DirectX DLL Libraries (24 to 31) Segoe UI Vista Font Flash Player v9.0.28.0 Royale Theme
Here is a breakdown of the seven options: [For Microsoft fans] The first two options include Internet Explorer 7 Web Browser, Outlook Express Email Client, Windows Live Messenger 8 and Windows Media Player 11 so Windows XP is completely up to date and as Bill Gates intended. [For people who don't like Microsoft programs] The second two options do not include any of those items. In the second two options where IE/OE/MSN/WMP are removed, Mozilla Firefox v2.0.0.1 is included to replace Internet Explorer. There are no replacements to the other programs (OE/MSN/WMP) but you can just use your own programs like Mozilla Thunderbird, Trillian, Winamp and so on. [Automatic Driver Installation] Options one and three both include drivers to cover the following: Chipset, CPU, Ethernet LAN Cards, Graphics (ATI and NVIDIA), SATA (Mass Storage), Sound Cards and Wireless Ethernet. [No Drivers Included] Options two and four do not contain those drivers - this is in case you have SATA problems with the first or third options, or if you just want to install your own drivers. [Acronis Backup + Restore] Option five allows you to backup your existing partition(s) before installing Windows, or you can quickly restore a backup made previously with Acronis. [Hirens Boot CD v8.8] Option six allows you to boot into Hirens Boot CD version 8.8. This is a massive collection of more then 200 tools! Including Partition Tools, Disk Clone Tools, Antivirus Tools, Recovery Tools, Testing Tools, RAM (Memory) Testing Tools, Hard Disk Tools, System Information Tools, MBR (Master Boot Record) Tools, BIOS / CMOS Tools, MultiMedia Tools, Password Tools, NTFS Ext2FS, Ext3FS (FileSystems) Tools, Dos File Managers, Dos Tools and Windows Tools. You can boot into Hiren's and have access to Norton Partition Magic, Paragon Partition Manager, EasyRecovery... please see the Hirens text file that is in the DOCS folder on the CD for the full list of tools included in the Hirens Boot CD. [Damn Small Linux v3.2] This has to be one of the best things ever created in the world of computing! Option seven is a 50Mb live Linux environment with the ability to connect to the internet from within the Linux environment. Includes Mozilla Firefox web browser and many other tools. What would you do if you totally lost your Windows install and had to get online to troubleshoot the problem? This is where Damn Small Linux comes in. NOTE: You might get an SCSI problem when booting into this Damn Small Linux, if this happens, just reboot your PC and press 7 to boot into Damn Small Linux, then type: dsl noscsi.
EXTRA folder (CD) This folder contains several Useful Programs: Comodo Firewall Pro v2.4.17.183 FoxIt PDF Reader Pro v2.0.0930 Java Runtime Environment v1.06 K-Lite Codec Pack v2.84 Nero Micro v7.7.5.1 PerfectDisk Defrag v8.0.45 WinRAR Archiver v3.62
STANDALONE folder (CD) If you want to make standalone ISO's of any of the four Windows XP installations, you can do this by running one of the four batch files included in the STANDALONE folder on the CD. See the STANDALONE folder for more info.
eXPerience folder (Desktop) Desktop Icon Layout Hardcore Ad-Blocker Keyboard Settings Save System RAM Memory The last option here "Save System RAM Memory" can fine tune your system by simply asking you a series of questions. If you say no to all the questions, it is possible to have Windows TinyXP running on just four services, eleven processes and using only 34.7Mb RAM - this would be an extremely reduced functionality configuration but depending on your system you might be able to run Windows on just four services! Most programs will still work but if you say no to all questions it might affect internet connectivity - make sure to read the questions... all you would have to do to get all your functionality back is run the "Save System RAM Memory" and simply answer yes to each question.
Removed Items:
The following items have been removed from options one and two...
[APPLICATIONS] Accessibility Options Briefcase Games Internet Games NT Backup Pinball Screensavers
[DRIVERS] Display Adapters ISDN Modems Printers Scanners
[LANGUAGES] Arabic (Algeria), Arabic (Bahrain), Arabic (Egypt), Arabic (Iraq), Arabic (Jordan), Arabic (Kuwait), Arabic (Lebanon), Arabic (Libya), Arabic (Morocco), Arabic (Oman), Arabic (Qatar), Arabic (Saudi Arabia), Arabic (Syria), Arabic (Tunisia), Arabic (U.A.E.), Arabic (Yemen), Divehi (Maldives), Syriac (Syria), Urdu, Armenian, Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Azeri (Cyrillic), Belarusian, FYRO Macedonian, Kazakh, Kyrgyz (Kyrgyzstan), Mongolian (Mongolia), Tatar, Ukrainian, Uzbek (Cyrillic), Georgian, Greek, Hebrew, Bengali (India), Gujarati (India), Hindi, Kannada (India), Konkani, Malayalam (India), Marathi, Punjabi (India), Sanskrit, Tamil, Telugu (India), Japanese, Korean, Chinese (PRC), Chinese (Singapore), Farsi, Thai, Chinese (Hong Kong S.A.R.), Chinese (Macau S.A.R.), Chinese (Taiwan), Azeri (Latin), Turkish, Uzbek (Latin), Vietnamese.
[MULTIMEDIA] Images and Backgrounds Movie Maker Music Samples Windows Sounds
[NETWORK] Client for Netware Networks Communication tools FrontPage Extensions Internet Connection Wizard Internet Information Services (IIS) IP Conferencing MSN Explorer Netmeeting NetShell Cmd-Tool NWLink IPX/SPX/NetBIOS Protocol Peer-to-Peer Synchronization Manager TAPI Application Support Web Folders Windows Messenger
[OPERATING SYSTEM OPTIONS] .NET Framework Administrative Templates Blaster/Nachi removal tool Color Schemes Disk and Profile Quota DR Watson Extensible Storage Engine (Esent97) Extra Fonts File and Settings Wizard Help and Support Manual Install and Upgrade MS Agent Out of Box Experience (OOBE) Remote Installation Services (RIS) Search Assistant Security Center Service Pack Messages Tour
[SERVICES] Alerter Beep Driver Distributed Link Tracking Client Distributed Transaction Coordinator (DTC) Error Reporting IMAPI CD-Burning COM Service Indexing Service IPSEC Policy Agent Message Queuing (MSMQ) Messenger Network DDE QoS RSVP Quality of Service (QoS) Remote Registry Removable Storage Service Advertising Protocol System Restore Service Telnet Text Services Framework Windows Time
[DIRECTORIES] DOCS SUPPORT VALUEADD For the options with Internet Explorer, Outlook Express, MSN Messenger and Windows Media Player (Options one and two) the WINDOWS folder takes up about 570Mb of hard disk space. For the options without Internet Explorer, Outlook Express, MSN Messenger or Windows Media Player (Options three and four) the WINDOWS folder takes up about 435Mb of hard disk space.

არქივის სრული ზომა: 655MB

ამოარქივებული ISO-ს ზომა: 699MB

ატვირთულია aqache.com-ზე
ნაწილი 1 149.99 MB
ნაწილი 2 149.99 MB
ნაწილი 3 149.99 MB
ნაწილი 4 149.99 MB
ნაწილი 5 55.59 MB

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